Former Shelton store owner arrested for illegal natural gas hook up

A man from Queens is facing multiple charges, including fire prevention codes.

On Tuesday, Shelton police arrested Tsen Bin Si, 38, on a warrant. The arrest stems from an April 9 complaint of a natural gas small at 194 Leavenworth Road.

The Shelton firefighters and gas company responded, and found several gas leaks on the property.

After an investigation by the city and state fire marshals and Shelton detectives, it was found that there was an illegal tap into the main gas line in the basement of the building. An investigation showed the current owner purchased the salon and had no knowledge of the illegal tap.

Police said after an investigation, it was found Si had owned the previous nail salon in the building, Ya Ya Nail Salon. During the investigation, police allege Si purchased the supplies for the illegal gas tap and was responsible for the installation.

The salon is located in a large strip mall and houses several business including a day care and an art school for kids.

Si was charged with reckless endangerment, third-degree criminal damage of a landlord’s property, risk of injury to a minor and 10 violations of state fire prevention code.