In rainstorm, car spins around, hits guard rail cable on Route 8 south

State Police were at the location of two accidents on Route 8 southbound in Shelton on Wednesday at about noon.

Due to the heavy rain, one vehicle on the highway appeared to have slid completely around, crashing into the guard rail cable near the entrance ramp for Exit 12 (Old Stratford Road).

Two occupants could be seen huddling outside the sedan, which came to a stop under some cable wire. Dirt was moved around by the tire's vehicles on the side the highway during the accident.

'Accidents all over'

A state trooper assisted them, and there appeared to be no injuries. The car did suffer some damage.

“There’s accidents all over,” the trooper said.

About a mile north, a white SUV went off the road into the grassy and wooded median strip, and also is facing the wrong direction.