Shelton Police arrested a man for allegedly bringing an 18 year-old girl to his home and giving her drugs and alcohol.

On April 28, Police arrested Steven Weitzman,53, of Shelton after receiving a phone call from the victim’s father. Weitzman was charged with illegal dispensing of an illegal drug, possession of a controlled substance, sale of controlled substance, providing alcohol to a minor and permitting a minor to possess alcohol.

“Shelton Detectives investigated the matter and discovered Weitzman was picking up the 18 year old female and bringing her back to his Shelton home,” said Detective Bango. “There Weitzman was would provide the girl various drugs and alcohol to the point where she would pass out. The investigation revealed Weitzman provided the girl with drugs and alcohol on more than one occasion.”

Weitzman is scheduled to appear in Derby Superior court on May 12 and was released on a $5,000 bond.