PHOTO: Shelton fire site hotspot ignites

A Shelton resident named Matt tweeted this photo earlier today showing one of the hotspots at the Howe Avenue fire scene igniting sometime during the night late Tuesday or very early Wednesday (before sunrise).

This area of the fire-damaged property, in the corner closest to the post office building, appears to be the one with continuing problems. It’s the same spot where, below, firefighters were observed using a hose to douse a problem area at about 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday. (Below photo by Brad Durrell)

Fire officials remain on scene at the downtown site to watch over any problems. At times, the smell of smoke and burnt debris continues to linger over much of the immediate surrounding area.

All roads in downtown Shelton are open other than the short access road to the post office from Howe Avenue (which technically is a section of Bridge Street).