Pickup truck smashes into house in Shelton Center; Driver taken to hospital

A GMC pickup truck went into a house at 57 Fort Hill Ave. in Shelton at about 12:30 p.m. today, injuring the driver. No one was inside the house at the time of the accident. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

The male driver, the vehicle’s only occupant, was taken by ambulance to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. No other vehicles were involved in the incident, police said.

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“It’s terrible,” said the house’s owner, who returned home to check out the situation after being contacted by a neighbor. “I’m just glad no one was home,” she said.

The homeowner, who has lived in the house for 10 years, said she is talking to the police and insurance representatives to find out what to do next.

“Holy moly!” said a woman walking on the street, observing the post-accident scene.

“It’s pretty bad,” said a youngster, whose family lives around the corner, while observing the situation.

Police, fire and EMS personnel responded to the scene, which is not far from Shelton police and Echo Hose ambulance headquarters.

Damage to the house appears to be in the front porch area — to the railing, flooring and lattice as well as nearby landscaping. It was uncertain if the accident damaged the structure of the house, such as the cement foundation.

Pickup's brakes may have failed

A neighbor who lives across the street said he was told the pickup truck was coming down the hill on Geissler Drive when the brakes may have failed, forcing the vehicle to continue driving through a stop sign at the intersection with Fort Hill Avenue, onto a neighboring driveway (61 Fort Hill Ave.), across a lawn and then into the house at 57 Fort Hill Ave.

Vehicle tire tracks could be seen going across the lawn from the adjacent home's driveway to where the pickup truck collided with the house, a two-story modern Colonial.

A wheelbarrow was visible in the back of the pickup truck, and an observer said he believes the driver involved runs a local landscaping company.

Police are investigating the cause of the single-vehicle accident.

‘Luckly...no one was around to get hit’

The neighbor said he heard the accident but did not see it. By the time he got outside, it was over. “Luckily, [the driver] was able to power-slide [his vehicle] and no one was around to get hit,” the neighbor said.

“I was worried that he might have hit the [house’s] power box,” which would have caused more serious problems, the neighbor said.

The neighbor said it appeared the driver had sustained injuries to his head and arm. “He was in a daze,” the neighbor said.

Another woman who lives in the neighborhood said drivers heading down the hill on Geissler Drive frequently go through the stop sign at Fort Hill Avenue. “No one stops at that stop sign,” she said.

Towed away on flatbed truck

The black-colored GMC pickup truck later was towed away on a flatbed truck. It had major damage to the front end, where it collided with the porch structure in front of the house.

This included a smashed-up hood, broken front windshield and damaged front bumper.

Two employees of A.J.’s Service Center removed the vehicle from the scene. They also cleaned up some of the grass and dirt that had been disturbed by the accident.

Officials placed yellow police tape around parts of the home's unscreened front porch that were damaged in the accident.

Fort Hill Avenue is a road in the residential, hilly section of Shelton Center off Howe Avenue just north of downtown, close to Riverview Park.