Police: Someone is stealing storm grates in Shelton

Over the past week, several storm grates have been stolen from Shelton.

The areas where the metal storm grates have been taken include The Berries in the Huntington section and Farmhouse Lane and Waverly Road.

Drivers and pedestrians should use caution, as a missing storm grate leaves a large hole.

Near one location of a missing grate, a witness reported seeing a black pickup truck, police said.

Grates also taken in Trumbull

The Shelton Police Department has spoken with officers in Trumbull, where 19 storm grates have been reported missing.

The perpetrators could be taking the grates to sell as scrap metal, but Thomas Baldwin of the Trumbull Highway Department said most scrap yards don’t take potentially stolen and suspicious items like catch basin tops.

Any resident who sees anything suspicious is asked to call the Shelton Police Department at 203-924-1544.