Report: Propane leaks from Shelton school bus inside garage

The incident at the school bus maintenance facility on Riverdale Avenue in Shelton involves a school bus that is leaking propane.

Nick Verdicchio, Shelton Fire Department spokesman, said it appears the bus was inside the garage undergoing maintenance when some type of leak occurred. “They’re now trying to control the leak,” he said.

Verdicchio stressed no children are involved in the incident since the school bus was not in use at the time.

It’s unclear the amount of propane that may have leaked.

Crews from Echo Hose Hook & Ladder responded to the scene just before 1:30 p.m. on Monday.

The bus garage recently was renovated to take care of the city’s new school bus fleet, which operates on propane. There also is a propane filling station in the area for the buses, which are stored across the street in an outdoor parking lot.

The maintenance garage and bus storage lot are near the Shelton Animal Shelter and Water Pollution Control Authority treatment facility.