Resident seeks public’s help finding owner of dog that attacked his dog

A Shelton dog owner is seeking the public’s help to get the identity of the owner of another canine that allegedly attacked his dog at the Shelton Dog Park.

The Shelton Police Department’s animal control division is investigating the Dec. 27 incident.

“The animal control officer  (ACO) has become aware of the situation and is investigating the case,” Police Lt. Robert Kozlowsky said Tuesday afternoon.

On Saturday, Dec. 27 at about 1 p.m., Michael Ucci said his family’s 3-year-old Shiba Inu “was attacked unprovoked at the Shelton Dog Park by an unidentified resident’s dog. She sustained a deep puncture in her back and a broken rib."

“She also sustained several serious internal injuries determined to be life threatening that required dangerous emergency surgery that night, which she almost did not survive,” Ucci added.

Once the attacking dog was separated from Ucci’s dog, its owner quickly left the area with his dog and without providing contact information or even acknowledging the incident, according to Ucci.

Police investigation

Kozlowsky said anyone with information on the incident can call the Shelton animal shelter at 203-924-2501.

He said as part of the investigation, ACO staff will talk to people who were with the victimized dog, individuals who were at the dog park, and anyone else who can be helpful.

Kozlowsky said all pertinent leads will be pursued.

Descriptions of the dog and its owner

According to a flyer being distributed by Ucci, the offending dog is described as a young female pit bull, light brown, weighing from 40 to 50 pounds.

The fleeing owner is described as being a heavyset white male, approximately 6 feet tall, 45 years old, with bald/balding hairstyle, black glasses, and a black jacket.

His vehicle is described as a blue SUV or minivan type with a roof rack.

“He supposedly frequents the park with the same dog,” according to Ucci’s flyer.

Ucci's dog had been brought to the Shelton Dog Park by Ucci’s sister, who was accompanied by two friends during the visit, he told the Shelton Herald.

Dog recovering now

On Tuesday afternoon, Ucci was picking up his dog from a local veterinary hospital where it had been taken for emergency care. “We had a scare,” he said of the incident.

“If you witnessed this incident or you can identify the fleeing owner/dog, please call me or email me ASAP,” states Ucci’s flyer. “If you are this owner described, please take responsibility and call me. Thank you for your assistance.”

Ucci can be reached at 203-710-8175 or