Second man arrested for parking lot 'armed' robbery in Shelton

Shelton police have arrested a 22-year-old man for his alleged role in an armed robbery inside a car in the Sports Center of Connecticut parking lot.

Cyril Kelsaw of Stratford was charged with first-degree robbery, conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery, first-degree strangulation, first-degree threatening, carrying a facsimile firearm, and sixth-degree larceny.

Kelsaw was arrested May 5 on a warrant. He was incarcerated at the time of this arrest for an unrelated incident.

On Nov. 15, 2014, two victims reported to police that they had made arrangements to meet with a friend in the back parking lot of the Sports Center on Route 110 in Shelton.

Police said the 20-year-old male victim and 21-year-old female victim were waiting in a car when the friend, Kelsaw, entered the backseat of the vehicle.

Pulled out gun, demanded belongings

The victims reported that Kelsaw then grabbed the male’s head from behind, pulled out a gun and demanded their belongings, according to police.

A second suspect, Dontay Walker of Stratford, approached the vehicle and allegedly took the female’s purse and phone. Police said both suspects then tried to open the driver’s door, but the male was able to slam the door and drive away.

Walker was arrested last December for his alleged involvement in the incident.

Shelton police were able to recover both the vehicle and the gun used by the suspects. It was determined the gun used in the robbery was a pellet gun.