Shelton fire company honored for downtown blaze relief efforts

The Echo Hose Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 was awarded the 2014 Partnership Award by TEAM Inc. at the social services organization’s annual meeting on Oct. 10.

Shown above with the award are Echo Hose Fire representatives, from left, firefighter Kevin Lantowsky, firefighter Chris Jones and Capt. Michael Plavcan. (Photo from the Echo Hose website)

Echo Hose was recognized for the relief efforts of displaced residents following the massive fire in downtown Shelton on Jan. 5 and 6.

The Howe Avenue blaze destroyed almost a complete city block and left about two dozen households without a home and more than a half dozen retail businesses without a base of operation.

The Partnership Award to Echo Hose “is given to honor their extraordinary act of volunteerism in assisting the Shelton residents of Howe Avenue who, after the devastating fire, lost their homes and belongings,” TEAM officials said. “The fire department led the community with compassion and tireless efforts. They dedicated their time and energy to support the residents.”

About Echo Hose and TEAM Inc.

The TEAM Inc. annual meeting and breakfast took place at Grassy Hill Lodge in Derby. Julie Penry, retiring director of the Shelton Youth Service Bureau, also was honored during the event with the Lillian Chrostwoski Award.

The all-volunteer Echo Hose fire company has been serving Shelton 1882. It is located on Coram Avenue in the downtown area. Echo Hose is the oldest of the four volunteer fire companies in Shelton, with the others being Huntington, Pine Rock Park, and White Hills.

The nonprofit TEAM Inc. helps individuals and families achieve well-being, self-sufficiency and full participation in the community. It serves Shelton and nine other towns.