Shelton man charged after allegedly shooting a gun

A Shelton man was arrested Wednesday on charges of shooting a firearm in 2010.

On June 24, Shelton police arrested Maurice Beall, 34, charging him with criminal possession of a firearm.

The arrest stems from a complaint that on Dec. 19, 2010, when the Shelton Police Department received complaints of shots fired in the area of the 200 block of Howe Avenue.

Shelton detectives developed Beall as a suspect. Detectives searched that area of Howe Avenue and located a 40-caliber loaded handgun under a bush in a yard.

The location of the handgun was in plain view and a few feet from the sidewalk, police said.  The handgun was seized and sent to the Connecticut Forensics laboratory for DNA testing. Detectives also obtained a search and seizure warrant for a sample of Beall’s DNA for comparison.

The CT State Forensics confirmed the DNA found on the handgun and Beall’s was a match, police said.

Beall was given a  $75,000 bond.