The Shelton Police Department continues to look into whether criminal activity was involved in the death of Peaches, the popular pet snake at the Huntington Branch Library.

“It’s still an open investigation,” Shelton Police Lt. Robert Kozlowsky said Thursday.

Kozlowsky would not say if the department was following up on any possible leads in the case. “It’s still early on,” he said.

It’s uncertain if police might have access to any video surveillance from the library branch.

Possible cause: Cleaning solvent

Peaches, a Creamsicle-colored corn snake that lived in a tank at the library for eight years, may have been poisoned by someone pouring the cleaning solvent Goof Off into its tank.

The snake died about a week after library staff members smelled chemicals near the tank, a bottle of Goof Off was found in an unusual place in the branch, and the snake appeared to be in distress.

During that week, the snake was taken to a veterinarian twice and staff members provided medical treatment — such as putting on ointment and washing/bathing the snake regularly — based on the vet’s guidance.

Police were contacted

Huntington Branch Director Shawn R. Fields had contacted police after the incident to report what had happened.

Peaches was particularly popular with young visitors to the library, serving as a friendly ambassador. Peaches would regularly be part of library programs, and visitors liked to have their photos taken with the pet snake.

Peaches was the only snake who lived at the library.

Kozlowsky said the city’s animal control officer often works with department members on matters involving pets.