Two cars damaged in Bridgeport Avenue collision

Two vehicles collided on Bridgeport Avenue, near the Sear Hardware store, Woodside Plaza and the Center at Split Rock entrance. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

The accident occurred at slightly before 11 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 21, and emergency personnel are at the scene.

A red Suzuki sedan and a black Volkswagen hatchback were involved in the accident.

The Suzuki now is in the middle of the road, and has sustained major front-end and side damage.

The Volkswagen ended up in a snowbank, on the Center at Split Rock side of the road, and has less serious but significant side damage.

It appears there were three occupants in the two vehicles, and none have required medical attention. Shelton EMS has responded and spoken with the occupants.

The accident scene is at 733 Bridgeport Ave. Police officers are working to assist people involved in the incident, and are interviewing the drivers.

Some orange traffic cones have been set up in the road, with officers helping direct motorists drive past the accident scene. There are some minor traffic delays.

The accident is slightly south of the Bridgeport Avenue intersection with Old Stratford Road and Commerce Drive, which is a heavily trafficked area due to nearby corporate offices and a Route 8 exit and entrance.

There also are driveway cuts in Bridgeport Avenue for at least three shopping complexes in the immediate vicinity.