Update: Church vandalized

Statues were broken, boards ripped off the wall and oil was poured over items in the St. Margaret Mary Church sometime Monday morning.

According to office staff at the church, when the maintenance worker at the church opened doors at the 380 Long Hill Avenue location, he was shocked.

“We have very few statues that are still intact,” said the church worker, who asked to not be unidentified.

“They were trying to burn us out,” but the oil that was spread throughout doesn’t burn, she said. “It was a hate crime.”

Shelton Police were called to the scene and reported extensive damage to the inside of the church. Several religious statutes were smashed both inside and outside of the church. Two vehicles were also vandalized in the lot.

“Everything was thrown around inside,” the office staff said. However, money and other valuable items were not touched.

Shelton Detectives also responded to the scene. The scene was processed and detectives are currently following up on the case. Anyone with information is asked to call the Shelton Police Detective Bureau at 203-924-1544.