Vehicles collide on Shelton road, two people rushed to the hospital

Police are investigating a two-vehicle accident that occurred at about 10:50 a.m. Wednesday  on Constitution Boulevard at Waterview Drive. (Photos by Brad Durrell)

Police at the scene about 40 minutes after the July 17 incident said two people were taken to the hospital by ambulance. The condition of the two injured people was not known.

The drivers were the only occupants of the vehicles.

Two large flatbed tow trucks were in the process of taking away the vehicles involved — a Toyota Corolla and a Volvo sedan — at about 11:40 a.m. The Toyota was the most severely damaged.

It appears the occupant of one car — the Toyota — had to be extricated from that vehicle.

No enforcement action has been taken at this time as the accident is still under investigation, police said later in the day.

In addition to police, Echo Hose Ambulance and Echo Hose fire personnel and equipment responded to the scene.

Constitution Boulevard and Waterview Drive is an area filled with corporate offices.

Officers said traffic continued to move through the intersection, with police assistance.