Volunteer Spotlight: Capt. Donald Zak

The following is be a monthly article spotlighting the volunteers who serve the residents of the city of Shelton.

Name: Captain Donald A. Zak
Where do you live? Shelton
Where do you volunteer? Shelton Fire Department, Huntington Fire Co. #3.
Why have you chosen to volunteer, and why did you choose this organization to volunteer your time? Chose to volunteer to give back to the community. Chose this organization due to the proximity to my residence, 45 years ago, and to be with friends that were also volunteers.
Occupation? City of Shelton — Fire Department Pre-fire incident planner.
Who is the greatest influence in your life? My wife, Barbara.
What is your proudest accomplishment? Serving the residents of the city of Shelton as a firefighter and officer of the Shelton Fire Department.
What can you not live without? Friends and family.