Volunteer Spotlight: Morgan Kozar

The following is a monthly article spotlighting the volunteers who aid in the city of Shelton serving its residents.

Name: Morgan Kozar
Where do you live? Milford
Where do you volunteer? Echo Hose Ambulance
Why have you chosen to volunteer, and why did you choose this organization to volunteer your time? I have always loved volunteering, and since I’m not from Connecticut I felt like it was a good way to get involved. I chose Echo Hose specifically because of the easy introduction process and strong community engagement.
Occupation? Scientist for Unilever
Who is the greatest influence in your life? My family. Despite being more than 200 miles away, they’re always there for me, whether I need encouragement or a reminder to stop working and eat dinner.
What is your proudest accomplishment? Finishing my most recent half marathon. I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon with my best friend as a way to celebrate the one year anniversary of my second reconstructive shoulder surgery. Our finishing time wasn’t as fast I normally run, but the fact that I was able to come back and finish a race after eight months of no running was incredible.
What can you not live without? Running, hot yoga, and Cheez-Its.