4 students earned CABE Leadership Awards

CABE award winners (front row) Siddharth Jain, Brynn Conrad, Alyssa Lam, and Billy Simics. Back Row: Kenneth Saranich, Superintendent Clouet, and Jim Colandrea
CABE award winners (front row) Siddharth Jain, Brynn Conrad, Alyssa Lam, and Billy Simics. Back Row: Kenneth Saranich, Superintendent Clouet, and Jim Colandrea

Four Shelton students received CABE Leadership awards at the April 27 Board of Education meeting.

Shelton students Siddharth Jain, Brynn Conrad, Alyssa Lam and William (Billy) Simics accepted the awards for their demonstration in leadership and their contribution to the community.

Siddharth and Brynn attend Shelton Intermediate School (SIS), and Alyssa and William attend Shelton High School (SHS).

Shelton Superintendent Christopher Clouet noted the their outstanding achievements in obtaining the awards.

“We are always very proud to have these excellent students in our district get recognized, and this is certainly a very special event to have several of our students from the intermediate school and several from the high school recognized by state organizations,” Clouet said. “This is for your combination of leadership, your hard work, your self discipline. This is something that will be happening to you through-out your lives.”

Clouet presented the first award to Brynn. She is an honor roll student, who received Student of the Month in 7th and 8th grade. Brynn is a member of WSIS news crew, the Garden Club, and the school Drama Club.

She is active in her community, participating as a summer counselor at The Little Red School of Art. She also dances at dance workshop and takes guitar and acting lessons. She has acted onstage at Center Stage Theater.

Kenneth Saranich, Headmaster of Shelton Intermediate School, commented on Brynn's many achievements and her contribution to the community.

“She's a vital asset to our community; she has brought so much to SIS and then some, including her involvement in Center Stage and other aspects,” Saranich said.“She's a real Shelton gal and something to be proud of in our city.”

Shelton student, Siddharth Jain attends SIS and won the CABE award as well. His has won the Connecticut State Math Competition, and he participates in American Math Competitions at SIS. He also takes advanced classes at Shelton High School.

Siddharth participates and attends science fairs at both the intermediate school and high school, where he has won awards for testing airfoil designs and wave lengths. Siddharth has also won second place in SIS Oratorical contest last year.

Along with academic achievements, Siddharth volunteers, tutoring at the library, swims for Shelton swim team, participates in the robotics team, and writes for the SIS student newspaper.

CABE winner and a high school student, Alyssa, was awarded for her outstanding achievements both in school and the community. She's taken seven AP classes, earned outstanding grades, and is in the top 2% of her class. She also volunteers at Griffin Hospital, participates in student government, the DECA club, and Junior State of America. Superintendent Clouet also praised her for her character.

“What truly makes Alyssa stand out; however, is her genuine and kind personality,” Clouet said. “She is an incredibly accomplished young woman and will certainly rise to do great things in the future.”

High school senior, Billy, is in the top 4% of the graduating class. He takes AP classes at Housatonic Community College and is a core member of the National Honor Society, trusted by advisers to represent the organization and school.

Billy is Captain of both cross-country and outdoor track teams, receiving the honor of being name SCC Scholar Athlete of the Month during the fall. Clouet praised Billy as being bright, humble and committed to his school and community.

Housemaster Colandrea said Billy presents leadership to the Student Council and National Honor Society. He said Billy is always there for them and maintains a very rigorous academic schedule, as well as participating in sports. He described Billy as well rounded.

After the presentation, the students hugged their parents, shook hands, posed for pictures and commented on how they felt.

“I want to thank everyone for all their help: my parents, my peers, and my teachers,” Billy said. “It's just been a great journey through high school, and I can't wait for the next step.  I have had a great high school career.”

“I'm thankful for receiving this award, and I would like to thank everyone for their support, especially the Shelton Board of Education and my parents,” Alyssa said.“I had a great experience these past few years through the Shelton Board of Education system, and I am really looking forward to college next year.”

Siddharth said he was very happy to win the award.

“I'd like to thank the Board of Education for allowing me the opportunity to take more advance classes and allowing me to explore the interest that I'd like to take,” Siddharth said.