A closer look at CMT student results in Shelton

Shelton students improved this year on the CMTs, compared with their results from 2012. Since the CMTs aren’t given before third grade, there is no previous data on that class. The results are the percentage of students at or above proficiency.

Eighth grade — Eighth graders improved their scores in math and writing, compared to the results as seventh graders.

• This year's results: 95.2% in math, 94.7% in reading, 93% in writing and 81% in science.

• Last year’s results: 94.8% in math, 95.3% in reading and 90.9% in writing.

Seventh grade — Seventh graders improved their scores across the board, compared to the results as sixth graders.

• This year’s results: 95.6% in math, 92.8% in reading and 94.9% in writing.

• Last year’s results: 94.1% in math, 94% in reading and 91.8% in writing.

Sixth grade — Sixth graders’ scores jumped in math and reading, and dipped slightly in writing, compared to their results as fifth graders.

• This year's results: 94.2% in math, 92.6% in reading and 91.6% in writing.

• Last year’s results: 89.6% in math, 87.7% in reading and 93.4% in writing.

Fifth grade — Fifth graders’ scores dipped slightly in math and reading, but made gains in writing, compared with the results from 2012 in fourth grade.

• This year’s results: 91.3% in math, 85.1% in reading and 94.4% in writing.

• Last year’s results: 94.3% in math, 88.5% in reading and 92.7% in writing.

Fourth grade — Fourth grader’s results jumped, compared to their results in third grade.

• This year’s results: 91.1% in math, 88% in reading and 91.8% in writing.

• Last year’s results: 89.9% in math, 82.9% in reading and writing was 87.5%.