Agreement announced in Shelton to fund full-day K, eliminate pay-to-play

The following announcement released on Friday, May 30 by School Supt. Freeman Burr on the education budget in Shelton.  It is being shown below as received and unedited:

“The Shelton Boards of Aldermen and Education are pleased to announce that Mayor Mark A. Lauretti, Superintendent of Schools Freeman Burr along with Aldermen John Anglace and John Papa have reached an arrangement that will allow the Board of Education to re-allocate $500,000 within its budget to implement Full Day Kindergarten, cover its increased costs for Students with Disabilities, and eliminate Pay to Participate for all students involved in extracurricular activities and athletics.

"The parties also reached agreement wherein the BOE will meet all propane costs for 2013-14 and the City will cover BOE propane costs above $226,000 for 2014-15.”