Enrollment drops 3% in Shelton schools; Lowest decrease is at Shelton High

Fewer students are attending the Shelton public schools this year than did last year.

Initial enrollment figures, released by the Board of Education, show a more than 3% drop in student enrollment. The figures are based on the number of students in school on Sept. 6 this year, the fourth day of the new school year, vs. Sept. 7 of the previous school year.

This year, 4,924 youngsters walked through the doors of the eight public schools while at the start of the previous 2012-13 academic year, that figure was 5,083. That represents 159 fewer students, or a 3.1% decrease.

The smallest decrease was at Shelton High at 1.1% while the largest drop was at the elementary level and Shelton Intermediate, both at 4.6%. (An earlier version of this story had miscalculated the Perry Hill decline as being 4.7%; it is actually a 2.2% decrease. We regret the error and any confusion it may have caused.)

Exact enrollment figures

Here is a complete breakdown, based on Board of Education statistics:

Total system:

This year — 4,924

Last year — 5,083

Difference: 159 fewer (-3.1%)

Elementary (pre-K to grade four):

This year — 1,705

Last year — 1,787

Difference — 82 fewer (-4.6%)

Perry Hill (grades five and six):

This year — 840

Last year — 859

Difference — 19 fewer (-2.2%)

Intermediate (grades seven and eight):

This year — 831

Last year — 871

Difference — 40 fewer (-4.6)

High school (grades nine to 12):

This year — 1,548

Last year — 1,566

Difference — 18 fewer (-1.1%)

Elementary school specifics

The elementary school enrollment breakdown for 2013-14 is:

Booth Hill: 291

Elizabeth Shelton: 443

Long Hill: 424

Mohegan: 306

Sunnyside: 246