Family donates $250,000 for Shelton High scholarship

The Chlebowskis were told from an early age that it was important to give back to their community. With the establishment of a $250,000 scholarship through the Valley Community Foundation, they are doing just that.

Bob Chlebowski and sister, Susan Chlebowski, established a scholarship fund in memory of their parents Irene and Stan “Smiles” Chlebowski, to benefit a Shelton High School student.

“Our parents always stressed the importance of education as a way to grow professionally and as a person,” said Bob.

Susan added, “They made great sacrifices for our education and we could not think of a better way to honor them than by helping students in the years to come through this scholarship.”

This scholarship will be awarded to a college-bound graduating senior selected by Shelton High School each year. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years per recipient.

About the Chlebowskis

Bob, an executive vice president with Wells Fargo in San Francisco, and Susan, a psychiatrist practicing in New York, both grew up in Shelton.

Their parents were lifelong Valley residents who taught their children the importance of supporting the Shelton community from a very early age.

'Incredible example of public philanthropy'

“This is an incredible example of public philanthropy empowering Valley students to succeed through education,” said Sharon Closius, president and CEO at the Valley Community Foundation.

“We extend our sincere gratitude to the Chlebowski family for creating a real difference in the lives of students who may not have the means to continue their academic endeavors.”
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For details on contributing to this scholarship, or another award program benefiting Shelton High School students, contact the Valley Community Foundation at 203-751-9162.

 'A long-lasting impact on SHS students'

“We are honored that this substantial scholarship fund will have a long-lasting impact on Shelton High School students for generations to come,” said Beth Smith, headmaster of Shelton High. “We take pride in educating our students about the importance of giving back to the community.

“The Chlebowski family is an embodiment of that lesson and an inspiration — not only to the scholarship recipients that will receive this award, but to our whole student body at what can be accomplished when we give back,” Smith said.

For scholarship information, visit or contact Sharon Closius at or 203-751-9162.

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