Free e-books available to prepare students for school

With school now over, parents and children may be nervous about making the transition from elementary to middle school, or middle school to high school. Or, perhaps they’re excited, but just unsure of what, exactly, to expect.

Each transition takes students to a new level of responsibility and expectations-as well as opportunities and experiences.

To help ease these transitions, Fairfield-based S4 is offering two of its e-books at no cost — “Successfully Transitioning to Middle School” and “Successfully Transitioning to High School.”

The free e-books are available for download by going to

Learning skills

In each guide, according to publicity material, parents and students will learn skills such as self-advocacy, active learning, planning, time management, confidence and responsibility.

The strategies are adapted from S4’s study-skills workshops, offered in July and August in Connecticut. The workshops focus on studying, note-taking, time management, project management and self-advocacy.

Successful Study Skills 4 Students (or S4) partners with public, independent, charter and parochial schools to offer a study-skills system.