Honor roll at Lauralton includes Shelton students

The Lauralton Hall honor roll for the third quarter included Shelton residents:

High Honors

Grade 12: Lily Fortin, Marisa Messer, Jessica Recce and Katherine Wilcoxson.

Grade 11: Victoria Anthony, Marietta Khalil and Emily Menendez.

Grade 10: Lianne Bisch, Sofia D’Amico, Emily Discepola and Amy Izzo.

Grade 9: Jeanne Ilano and Danielle Koterbay.


Grade 12: Regina Magi.

Grade 11: Emma McCarty, Kathleen Brennan, Alexandra Gjoni, Taylor Matto, Amber Sheffield and Yi Shu.

Grade 10: Briana Marcinauskis, Minyue Ruan and Lindsey Spitz.

Grade 9: Catherine Dobensky, Elizabeth Khalil and Claire Zielinski.

High honors students have achieved an average of at least 92 in all academic courses. Honors students have an average of at least 86 in all academic courses.