Long Hill School: Students celebrate matzah day

Long Hill School second graders spent Wednesday, April 10, making handmade matzah all while learning about Passover.
Led by Rabbi Shneur Brook of the Chabad of Shelton-Monroe, the students ground the wheat, made the dough and rolled it out. Additionally, facilitated by Brook’s wife, Leah, and several assistants, they baked the matzah.
School Principal Andrea D’Aiuto said, in the Model Matzah Bakery, students learned how the traditional Shmurah Matzah is made — literally from start to finish and gain a deeper understanding of the Passover story and its traditions.

“It was a great learning opportunity for our students,” said D’Aiuto, adding that students were given a bakers hat and equipment, then got to roll up their sleeves and participate in the matzah-baking process.
Participants learned the skill of winnowing, separating the chaff from the grain, collecting the grain and threshing it using an authentic old-fashioned hand mill. The students then used the wheat to form dough, which they rolled, perforated and shaped into their very own matzahs.