Meeting planned to discuss new Shelton special ed hire

A meeting to discuss parental concerns about a new special education administrator in the Shelton school system will take place Tuesday night.

The meeting is being planned for parents of students with special needs to address questions about the hiring of Liz Wesolowski as assistant director of special education in the Shelton public school system.

Wesolowski has been director of elementary special education in the Darien public schools, a system that was found to be violating various regulations by a two-part state Department of Education investigation.

New administrator's first day

Wesolowski’s first day in Shelton is scheduled to be Tuesday, Jan. 21, the day of the meeting.

School Supt. Freeman Burr has organized the meeting. Burr couldn't be reached for comment Friday because he was at a conference.

Asst. School Supt. Lorraine Rossner said that from her understanding, the meeting is intended only for parents of special education children, some of whom have contacted school officials with questions about Wesolowski.