PTA makes banners to help identify rooms at Long Hill School

Long Hill Elementary School’s monthly lock down and fire drills have certainly kept everyone ready for an emergency, but Principal Susan Arpin wanted to go a step further in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Arpin’s desire to make sure every classroom was adequately visible during any emergency became a labor of love for the Long Hill PTA.

Under the direction of Arpin, Sarah Bergers and Carla Bucherati designed new banner flags for each room in the building.

In the event of an emergency, a first responder now can quickly and easily identify a room by grade level, room number and teacher.

PTA members designed the banner flags so they could be modified. The teacher’s name is attached with Velcro so if a teacher should change classrooms, his or her name can be attached to any flag.

The grade level also is removable should an assignment be adjusted through the years.

Banners created for rooms in building

The PTA made flags for all rooms in the building, including classrooms, the cafeteria, gym, media center, nurse’s office and others.

It took a crew of eight PTA board members several weeks to accomplish this task in time for Back to School Night.

In addition to Bergers and Bucherati, the other parents who helped were Kathleen Colligan, Diana Davis, Jackie DuBois, Mindy Hatfield, Shari Merrell and Mary Scuilla.