Parents, volunteers build new playground at Elizabeth Shelton School

The Elizabeth Shelton School PTO and Fathers Club put their plans for an age appropriate playscape on fast forward when they heard that full-day kindergarten could start in the fall.

The PTO raised more than $40,000 through fund-raisers and corporate donations for a piece of equipment designed for children from ages 5 to 12.

The playground equipment that existed was geared toward the 8- to 12-year-old crowd, often leaving the smaller children with nothing to play on.

The $40,000 wasn’t enough to cover the expense of building the new equipment, which was another $10,000, so the Fathers Club offered to build it themselves with the supervision of a playground installation company.

More than 35 adults — plus their children — came to help at some point a this weekend to dig holes, assemble equipment and spread over 200 yards of mulch.

Businesses helped with project

Many local businesses also donated their time and machinery to make the project happen.

Cordone Landscaping spent two days prior to the build excavating the new play area to prep and level the land as well as off-load the equipment.

Nancy’s Tree Planting came with equipment to help deliver mulch to the different play areas, the Fairfield Rotary Club sent several members to help assemble the equipment, and Preferred Tool donated funds to help purchase needed extra mulch.

“A true community effort that deserves to be recognized,” project organizers said.