SIS eighth graders recognized at assembly

The Shelton Intermediate School held its annual eighth grade awards assembly on Tuesday, June 11. 

Principal Kenneth Saranich applauded the eighth graders for their accomplishments during the assembly, which was held to recognize outstanding achievement throughout the academic year. 

Awards were presented to the following students: 

William Andy Brennan Award (Excellence in Spanish): Amanda Billingslea, Taylor Ostrosky 

Robert & Lillian Butler Award (Excellence and Enthusiasm in Spanish): Matthew Darak, Gabriel Zamani 

Kathryn A. Provasoli Award (Achievement, Interest and Enthusiasm in Spanish): Andreia Jorge 

Sumner Stowe Award (Effort and Enthusiasm in French): Albana Hima, Sena Ho 

Kathryn A. Provasoli Award (Achievement, Interest and Enthusiasm in French): Luke Pacheco 

Carolyn Petz Award (To a Student Who Is Helpful and Respectful to Others): Kaitlyn Bergers 

Mary Lou Cook Award (To a Student Who Exhibits Leadership, Wisdom and Compassion): Ciara Foley 

Best Buddies Friendship Award (To a Student Who Exhibits Genuine Kindness and Makes Others Feel Welcome and Included): Dawn Kindle 

Jason Gigliotti Memorial Award (To a Student Who Has Demonstrated Improvement Through Hard Work and Determination): Jazmyn Prieto 

Joseph Cajigas Memorial Award (To an Eighth Grade Student Who Exemplifies the Traits of Dedication, Leadership and Sportsmanship): Albana Hima 

Paul Gerst Memorial Award (Excellence in Science): Joshua Rut 

Lucy M. Beard Memorial Award (Excellence in History): Matthew Matuszewski 

SIS Special Recognition Award (For Outstanding Effort Throughout the Year): Lexa Fernandes, Nya Rodrigues 

SIS School Service Award (To an Active Boy and Girl Showing Leadership, Respect for Self and Others and Who Will Be Attending Shelton High School): Emily Codere, Tyler Radzion 

Robert A. Stellavato Scholar Athlete Award (To Two Eighth Grade Students, One Male, One Female, for Outstanding Academic Achievement and Who Have Demonstrated Leadership and Sportsmanship in an Interscholastic Sport): Emily Ahern, Michael Alberici 

Lynn Plaskon Memorial Award (To a Student Who Has Exhibited Qualities of Kindness, Determination and Perseverance): Nolan Sevillano 

Frank & Genevieve Bracnaro Award (To a Student for Outstanding Effort & Citizenship): Gianna Bacoulis 

Anthony C. Ballaro, Jr., Memorial Award (To a Student Whose Friendly Spirit, Kindness and Determination Inspire the Students and Staff of Shelton Intermediate School): Molly Renz 

Joseph & Patricia Ballaro Memorial Award (To a Student Pursuing a Trade and Who Exhibits Integrity and a High Work Ethic): Tiana Blakeslee 

William A. Banfe Award (To a Student Who Has Exhibited Outstanding Effort and Achievement): Sarah Kearns 

William A. Banfe Award (To a Student for Dedicated School Service): Angelo Pisacreta 

Timothy J. Walsh III Award (To a Student Who Has Exhibited Qualities of Good Citizenship, School Spirit and Integrity): Alexandra Harpell 

Presentation of CAS Plaques (Scholar Leader Awards): Kaitlyn Bergers, Benjamin DeMartino 

Shelton Intermediate School Awards Were Given to Students Who Showed Excellence in: 

2D Art & Illustration: Brianna Moran, Landon Zdru 

3D Art & Design: Angelina Alcaraz-Sim, Nicholas Palumbo 

Business Technology: Hailey McKeon, Angelo Pisacreta 

Communications Technology: Kendyll Flamini, Michael Boccio 

Exploring World Cultures: Allison Tou 

Spanish I: Sanjana Jain, Christopher Buchetto 

French I: Sarah Kearns, Adam Sobh 

Band: Emily Codere, Benjamin Robinson 

Jazz Choir: Kayla Gzyms, Victoria Casey 

Music Production: Devyn Penna, Benjamin DeMartino 

The Inventor’s Lab: Daria Maggi 

Life Lab: Elizabeth Miska 

STEMovation Lab: Brianna Angiolillo, Dante Mallozzi 

STEM Design & Modeling: Ryleigh Pagluiso, Michael Alberici 

STEM Automation & Robotics: Emily Ahern, Dylan Moutinho 

Physical Education: Caitlin Gius, Michael Boccio 

Students Who Have Shown Excellence in Academic Areas: 

Language Arts: Lexa Fernandes, Caitlin Gius, Emily Codere, Aurora Sosa, Benjamin Robinson 

Science: Cecilia Beaudoin, Sena Ho, Selin Ho, Benjamin DeMartino, Kaitlyn Bergers 

Social Studies: Cecilia Beaudoin, Matthew Matuszewski, Matthew Darak, Julia Wilkinson, Megan Loiacano 

Algebra: Sena Ho, Christopher Buchetto, Matthew Darak (Algebra II), Abigail Poplawski, Devyn Penna 

Math: Adrianna Wutke, Zara Tariq, Jenna Santos, Zainabu Ndikumana, Tiana Blakeslee 

Students Who Have Shown the Most Improvement in Academic Areas: 

Language Arts: Zoey Pezo-Candelario, Cameron Bermani, Eileen Rojas, Maram AaidAviel Robles 

Science: Noah Doyens, Anthony Potenza, Jacob Fernandes, Adam Kida, Charles Hare 

Social Studies: David Stinson, Joshua Dokla, Claire McNeil, Reeya Patel, Tiffany Montoya 

Algebra: Adam Sobh, Thomas Kopec, Isabella Serra, Dawn Kindle 

Math: Matthew Branco, Denice Dela Rosa, Grace Marino, Christopher Carroll, Nadya Uyar 

Citizenship Awards: Michael Alberici, Daria Maggi, Michael Boccio, Justin Dones 

Consistent Effort: Angelina Alcaraz-Sim, Giana Moore, Dylan Moutinho, Timothy Hilser