SIS students awarded for essays on 'Why I’m glad to be an American'

Every year Huntington VFW Post #10466 sponsors a patriotic essay contest open to seventh and eighth grade students in Shelton and Derby. The theme this year is “Why I’m glad to be an American” The two winners from Shelton Intermediate School were Tyler Romano and Sabrina Hudson .

Tyler Romano

Essay by Tyler Romano, a seventh grader at Shelton Intermediate School, he is a high honors student who participates in the Enrichment Program. Tyler is baseball player and helps coach the little league program.  

I am glad to be an American because in the United States, there are many opportunities to grow. I was raised to value everything that is available here for me. My grandfather came to America from Italy in 1967. He came here for the freedom and opportunities that the U.S. offered families. My grandparents raised their children to remember their Italian heritage but at the same time, to be proud to become a citizen of this beautiful country. That value was passed on, and that is the way my parents have raised me.

I never realized how much the U.S. had to offer until my family would tell stories about how they lived during World War 2. They had to sleep in drawers because they didn’t have a bed. They had no food, so they would save pieces of bread. Their country was suffering from such a horrible economy. When they came to America, they were able to get a job working in a restaurant. They took what they learned from the restaurant and were eventually able to open their own business. I have been reminded my entire life by hearing these stories.

Another reason I am  glad to be an American is I have the opportunity for a good education, opportunity to play baseball, and one day to have a good job. These are all things my grandparents couldn’t have or do. After hearing the stories of my great grandmother’s brother dying from a bomb right in front of her, I thank God everyday for the men and women that serve in the U.S. military to protect us. I am going to take these values that I have learned and pass them on to my family.

Sabrina Hudson

Essay by Sabrina Hudson, an eighth grader at Shelton Intermediate School, she is an honors student who swims, is a member of the Ansonia’s Sprinters team, and next year will pursue marine science at the Bridgeport Aquaculture School. 

I am glad to be an American because of the freedoms that we have, because we are a country of many cultures, and because we are a country with many job opportunities.

I am glad to be an American because of the many freedoms that we have.  An example of one of the freedoms that Americans have is the freedom of religion.  The freedom of religion is when Americans have a right to choose which religion that they would like to be faithful to, and some Americans do not choose a religion at all.  In many other countries, choosing your religion is not an option, and you have to choose the religion that the law is enforcing.

I am glad to be an American because we are a country made up of many cultures.  Many countries consist of many people of the same ethnicity and cultures, but in America, we have people from all over the world.  For example, my mom is from London, England, my mom’s mom is from India, and my dad’s mom is from Nurnberg, Germany.  In some other countries, there are not many people who have different ethnicities or cultures.

I am glad to be an American because we are a country with many job opportunities.  America has many job opportunities for men and women.  In many countries, men and women don’t both have jobs, and the people who do have jobs, are mainly men. But in America, men and woman both have a big variety of job choices, and women and men can both have the same job giving more opportunities to both men and women.

In conclusion, I am glad to be an American because of the many freedoms that we have which other countries do not have, because of many cultures which America is made up of, and because of the many job opportunities that men and women both have.