Shelton High Drama Club presents ‘Adaptations’

The Shelton High School Drama Club will present its annual production of "Adaptations" this weekend, on Jan. 16 and 17.

During "Adaptations," each grade level presents a 30-minute adaptation of a film, television show, or musical play.

Club co-advisors Mia Scarpa and Joe Sedlock are excited about this year’s performance.

“We are very lucky to have many experienced directors working with each cast this year,”  Sedlock said. “All have been involved with Adaptations for several years, and we are grateful to have people we consider pros working with our kids.”

The freshman class will perform an adaptation of the hit film "Elf," which starred Will Ferrell and was made into a Broadway musical in 2010.

The sophomores will bring the music of the Beatles to the stage with selections from the film "Across the Universe," and the juniors will perform the hit musical "Mamma Mia," which features the music of the band ABBA.

The seniors will round out the evening with Disney’s "Beauty and the Beast."

"Adaptations" will be presented at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, Jan 16 and 17, in the SHS auditorium. Tickets are $10 and may be purchased at the door.

‘Something for everyone’

Scarpa said the four different performances offer “something for everyone. If you love Christmas songs, the Beatles, ABBA or Disney, this is the show for you. We know how much our audiences appreciate hearing music they know and love.”

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Freshman Conor Wall and senior Elise Sullivan are anxiously awaiting their big opening this weekend.

Wall, who plays Buddy in "Elf," said, “I am so glad to finally be a part of the SHS Drama club and Adaptations. This has been such an exciting experience.”

“I am so pumped for opening night,” Wall said. “'Elf' is my favorite Christmas movie, and playing Buddy has been phenomenal. I can’t wait.”

Sullivan expresses equal enthusiasm as she prepares to take the stage as Belle in "Beauty and the Beast."

“Being able to participate in Adaptations for the past four years has been such an amazing experience for me and my fellow classmates. I’ve been lucky enough to perform alongside my best friends in so many wonderful shows.”

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