Shelton High School announces Students and Employee of the Month

Dr. Beth A. Smith, Headmaster, has announced the December 2015 Students of the Month at Shelton High School. These students were nominated by staff members and have demonstrated one or more of the following criteria: improvement in subject area; improvement in behavior; set a good, positive example in class; willing to help others; completes homework and class work with quality; goes above and beyond in the classroom; involvement in school activities; exhibits leadership qualities; is kind and friendly to classmates; follows the Gael Guidelines.

The following students were presented with a certificate by the administration:  Kathryn Arena, Steven Becker, Kade Bendici, Russell Blakeslee, Lia Bocchino, Emily Broad, Alexander Buchla, Muhammad Azan Butt, Amy Chang, Matthew Cho, Gina Cioffi, Brian Craft, Delonne Sloan, John DeRosa, Julia Dojlidko, Griffin Dokla, David Ferrara, Darius Floyd, Gianna Gamboian, Jack Goncalves, Tianna Greco, Sabrina Hudson, Julia Jacob, Rhiannon Jarusinsky, David Keith, Skyler Kim, Emily Lam, Jaylan Leon, Samantha Lewis, Cleto Libby, Maxwell Macchia, Vanessa Maco, Jessica Masulli, Ryan McCarthy, Julia Meyer, Stylianos Mysirlidis, Juliane Niedzwiecki, Ashley O’Donnell, Julia O’Neill, Kayleigh Panek, Jessica Perley, Michael Pinheiro, Kasidy Quiles, Janessa Reid, Kayla Resto, Dionna Riccio, Brenna Rolfe, Anthony Russo, Kaylee Serra, Amy Sheldon, Hannah Silva,  Tori Smith, Tomás Stisi, Stephanie Stoll, Justine Tadduni, Alexis Thompson, Jafar Vohra, Emma Wadeka, Conor Wall, Sean Walsh, Kenneth Wells, Alyson Yakowicz.

In addition, a drawing was held and ten of these students were given a Longhorn Steakhouse $10 coupon. Mrs. Shannon LaSpina was recognized as the December 2015 Employee of the Month. Employees who receive this award demonstrate initiative, produce high quality work, have a positive attitude, set a good example for others, exhibit leadership qualities and work as a team member. She also received a $10 Longhorn’s Teacher of the Month certificate.