Shelton High School inducts students to the National Honor Society

Sixty students were inducted into the Shelton High School National Honor Society at a Dec. 4 reception.

The following students were inducted: Johnna Bakalar, Juan Carlos Barranco, Sara Brown, Victoria Bucci, Ashley Chan, Gina Ciambriello,  Brianna Collins, Heena Damania, Kaylee DeFelice, Jacob Grosso, Jordan Haley, Emily Hanko, Monica Holler, Katie Iorfino, Meghan Jacksis, Emily Juliano and Ian Juncker.

Also: Richard Kaelin, Wesley Kocurek, Alexandra Koumbaros, Josh Kreitler,  Courtney MacDonald, Gillian Malafronte, Dominika Marczak, Dione McClenaghan, Dakota McDonough, Matthew Minutolo, Lenni Paolini, Christopher Pawlowski, Catherine Pinheiro, Veronica Pleasant and Carli Riccio.

Also: Rachel Rivera, Nicole Romeos, Samantha Rubio, Nikole Rudenko, Brianna Sasson, Alison Scalenghe, Carly Shomsky, Steven Sisounthone, Michele Siu, Robert Stanley, Caroline Steadham, Sarah Stuart, Neel Swamy, Jeremy Taramelli, Matthew Tarini, Valentina Tran, Christopher Turechek, Maggie Turner, Maria Valanca, Ashley Varrone, Rima Viradia, Matthew Vittori, Max Wang, Nicole Wells, Christopher Werner, Tara Werner, Meghan Witalis, Benjamin Yambao and Alice Yih.

The student-lead ceremony began with a welcome by NHS president Carly Seamon. Following dinner, SHS Headmaster Dr. Beth Smith offered congratulatory remarks.

"These students meet the high academic and behavioral expectations as set forth in our school’s mission statement," Smith said. "It is now their job to be living examples of scholarship, leadership, service and character. We are proud of our inductees and expect them to continue to strive for excellence.”