Shelton High School students earn Weller Scholarships

Five Shelton High School students received awards at the annual Weller Awards Dinner at the end of April.

Joshua Kreitler received the $14,000 Barton L. Weller Scholarship for his project, “Determining the Natural Pigment Category that Leads to the Highest Output of Voltage on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells.”

Rebecca Chapin received the $3,000 Vincent A. Voccia Vocational Award.

The following students received a certificate and $500 award:

• Casey Maffucci — Senior Science Award.

• Meghan Brennan — Eleanor F. Moore Business Award.

• Melissa Simons — Paul W. Broggi Communications Award.

In addition, Casey Maffucci received a $500 stipend for recognition as a Barton L. Weller Scholarship finalist for her project, “The Effect of Carrageenan as an Emulsifier, to Suspend Iodine in a Hydrophilic Wound Dressing.”

The Weller Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1962 to provide financial assistance to educational, charitable and civic organizations.

Several monetary awards are presented each year, as well as the Barton L. Weller Scholarship, which is given to a senior student for an independent study or research project. Shelton, Joel Barlow, Masuk, Newtown and Trumbull high schools participate in the Weller programs.