Shelton High gets new outdoor steps

UPDATE July 31 — The front stairs at Shelton High School were set this morning.

ORIGINAL STORY POSTED July 14 — The Board of Aldermen has taken action to purchase new fire doors and complete the main outdoor steps at Shelton High School.

Twenty-four fire-code compliant doors will be purchased for classrooms at Shelton High for about $15,000. Putting in the new doors should eliminate 24 fire code violations cited in the state fire marshal’s report on SHS.

The 2012 report found 579 violations. A few weeks ago, Board of Education officials said half of the violations have been corrected already, and more are being rectified now.

The doors being replaced were installed with insurance money after a previous fire at SHS, but it appears they were not up to code.

Alderman Jack Finn questioned whether the city should go after the previous door vendor for reimbursement, but Mayor Mark Lauretti said the cost of litigation likely would be higher than the amount involved. “It’s an economic decision,” Lauretti said.

New outdoor steps at entrance

The main outdoor steps to SHS, in the rear of the building near the parking lot, have been demolished and are being rebuilt.

City public works crew demolished the old concrete steps after the school year ended, and a company had won a bid to construct the new steps.

But that company has since been unresponsive to requests to begin the job, city officials said. Lauretti described that company as being “MIA.”

Therefore, the bidding process was waived to select a new company to build the replacement steps. “We’re shifting gears,” Lauretti said of the change in plans.

The new company was expected to begin work at the site as early as last Friday.

The step replacement project could cost up to $19,000, which Lauretti said is less than the bid by the original contractor.