Shelton High raises $3,700 for breast cancer research

Shelton High School’s Student Council and National Honor Society joined forces to raise money for the Valley Goes Pink campaign, raising $3,700.

Throughout October, Valley towns are invited to host a variety of fund-raising events to raise breast cancer awareness and support for the Griffin Hospital Development Fund, which supports the Hewitt Center for Breast Wellness.

Pink wristbands and two specially-designed pink Gael T-shirts were sold, with proceeds going towards the campaign. The bulk of the funds also came from donations, as money came in to dye the hair pink members of SHS.

“There was so much spirit in the building,” said Smith. “Students, staff, parents and the community bonded together to support a common cause and unite in raising cancer awareness. I am so proud of the students for their efforts.”

Headmaster, Dr. Beth Smith, agreed to have her hair “pinked” if $1,000 was raised. Once that goal was reached, new goals of $1,500 for two senior football captains, $2,000 for the housemasters and $3,000 for the athletic director were set.

Friday night’s pink football game opponent, Fairfield Prep, joined in the fundraising efforts and contributed $800 to the campaign. All goals were surpassed.

Pink hair

On Friday morning, the main lobby was abuzz, as Student Council President Carly Seamon “pinked the hair” of Smith; senior football captain Jason Thompson; housemasters John Skerritt, Steven Swensen, Jim Colandrea; and Athletic Director John Niski. Senior captain Mike Ortoli had dyed his hair pink the night before.

Head football coach Jeff Roy was watching the festivities and, in the end, found himself in the chair donning pink hair. The majority of the school’s staff and students wore pink to support the cause. In addition, the monthly staff breakfast featured pink pancakes.