Shelton Intermediate School students show their scientific insight during science fair

Above, John Niski, robotics instructor and athletic director for the Shelton schools, interacts with Shelton Intermediate School students Noah Vargoshe, left, and Adam Krzywosz at the SIS science fair.

Noah and Adam worked on a project about balloon travel distances called “The Zeppelin Hovercraft.”

Their work was one of 26 projects presented as part of the recent SIS Science Fair.

A panel of 12 judges looked at the projects and interacted with the student participants on May 5. The group of judges, which included people who make a living in science-related fields as well as science educators, also spoke about what had inspired them to pursue careers in science.

Sarah Davis of Sikorsky Aircraft, one of the judges, said all the students’ work showed insight. “I’m very impressed,” she said. “It’s nice to see them put in so much effort. This is where they will get the inspiration to be the scientists of our future.”

Kristen Hart, SIS science department chairman, said the fair enables students “to apply scientific methods to investigate problems that interests them in science.”

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Students and their projects

Participating Shelton Intermediate School students and their projects were:

Nicholas Asanoff, “The Dissolving Properties of Different Liquids”

Kerry Brown and Kaitlyn Marcinko, “Colorful Memories”

Jordan Butler and Jacob Zamani, “Hand-Eye Coordination: Difference in Age and Gender”

Brianna Capela and Delainey Maybeck, “Does the Color of Food Effects Its Taste?”

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Timothy Carlson, “Is It Necessary to Spend More on Disinfectant to Kill Bacteria?”

Maura Cummings and Molly Ingram, “Germ Freaks”

Yasmeen Dabiran and Samantha Sorrentino, “Music to My Heart”

Amanda D’Amico, “Tater Tunes”

Carey Evon and Kelsey Gillen, “Minty Cool”

Audrey Falsetti and Britney Guedes, “Does Gender Affect Short-Term Memory?”

Jake Ferrigno and Max Macchia, “Lemon Clock”

Tim Hafele and Steve Lawrence, “Can Electricity Go Through a Pickle to Turn a Light Bulb On?”

Rachel Hanson and Jessica Perley, “The Crack Proof Phone Case”

Iztihaad Haq, “How Can Drinks Affect Exercise Performance?”

Jinkuk Hong, “Do Plants Have Emotions?”

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Madison Katinger, “Least Amount of Smoke”

Adam Krzywosz and Noah Vargoshe, “The Zeppelin Hovercraft”

Jared Lawrence, “The Effect of Additives on Plant Germination”

Sophia Marino, “Effectiveness of Garlic in Fighting Bacteria”

Dominique Martinez, “Cupcake Delight”

Ayyan Mumtaz, “How Does Temperature Affect Batteries”

Gavin Newell, “Which Common Drink Damages Teeth the Most?”

Allison Nielson and Emily Yih, “The Effect of Color on Memory”

Lauren Pawlowski, “Lotion vs. Petroleum Jelly”

Deloshene Sittambalam, “The Effect of Gymnema Sylvestre on Blood Sugar Levels”

Samantha Tiberi, “Is Your Nose Really Accurate?”

The judges

The SIS Science Fair judges were:

Lauren Amaturo, science theme coach

Rodger Bowman, mechanical engineer, Sikorsky

Mary Clark, SHS Science Dept. chairman

Sarah Davis, mechanical engineer, Sikorsky

Tina Henckel, BOE assistant director of STEM

Christine McNamara. SHS science teacher

Peter Montagna, chemical engineer, Henkel Corp.

John Niski, athletic director and robotics advisor

Thomas Ryder, biologist, Landtech

Brittany Soderholm, genetic counselor, UConn Health

Elizabeth Tawadros, Unilever

Bob VanEgghen, PerkinElmer