Shelton Intermediate lists students of the year

Shelton Intermediate School has announced its Students of the Year for the 2018-19 academic year.
Team Ambition: Brianna Angiolillo, Jason Pastiva
Team Determination: Albana Hima, Nicholas Cebrik
Team Integrity: Selin Ho, Joshua Rut
Team Innovation 8: Sanjana Jain, Emily Ahern
Team Acceptance: Marissa Manzo, William Schiappa
Team Fortitude: Palina Vialichka, John Darmiento
Team Perseverance: Diya Singh, Paul Zint
Team Innovation 7: Anisha Gera, Sean Roden
This program is designed to recognize a student from each team who has demonstrated good citizenship, positive attitude and excellence in such areas as academics and activities. Teachers nominate students monthly, along with providing reasons for their nomination. Team teachers then vote, and winners are selected. At the end of the year, all Students of the Month become eligible to be voted Students of the Year.
Perfect attendance awards

The following students at the Shelton Intermediate School received “Perfect Attendance” Awards for the 2018-2019 school year:

Grade 8 — Diana Banks, Joseph Spinelli, Alyssa J. Teixeira, Theresa Weissenberg, Vincent Zhang

Grade 7 — Jan Vincent Caccam, Mykhaylo Kit, Nara Lim, Olivia Marino, Paul Nguyen, Mark Nitsche, Jamie Shreders, Emily Wildman, Paul Zint.