Shelton family helping to boost security at school

A Shelton family is donating $2,400 of security equipment to Elizabeth Shelton School in an effort to make the elementary school safer.

Andrea and Al Palmieri, who have two children in the school, decided to make the gesture in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last December.

“We wanted to do something to help,” said Andrea Palmieri.

The Board of Education (BOE) formally voted last week to accept the gift, which will include two cameras, color monitors, a recording device, and wiring. The BOE must approve donations above a certain amount to a school.

Also will donate labor to install it

Al Palmieri, who works in the security and fire systems field, also will donate the labor to install the system.

“After the Newtown tragedy, we figured we would do something for our school,” said Andrea Palmieri, noting the outpouring of public support for the school system in Newtown.

She said while she and her husband aren’t wealthy, they were determined to try to make a positive difference in their community.

'State of the art' equipment

Mark Holden, BOE chairman, said the school system’s information technology department concluded the donated equipment was “state of the art” and consistent with other security improvements being made in the Shelton schools.

School Superintendent Freeman Burr agreed. “This is consistent with what we’re doing,” Burr said.

The city and BOE just announced that $467,000 will be spent on security enhancements in the city’s five elementary schools, with about one-third of that funded by a state grant.

“This just allows us to allocate those resources somewhat differently,” Holden said.

Andrea Palmieri attended last week’s BOE meeting and was given a standing ovation in appreciation of the donation. “It’s a wonderful gift that will provide safety for the kids,” Holden told her.