Shelton kindergarten registration scheduled

Kindergarten registration sessions for the 2019-20 school year will continue Monday, Feb. 25, and Tuesday, Feb. 26.
During these registration days, current kindergarten sessions will still be held but kindergarten teaching staff will be used to conduct a screening of incoming kindergarten registrants for the 2019-20 school year.
Registration times will be posted on each elementary school’s website. Registration information is posted on the SPSS website,, under the registration tab, and will be published in newspapers. New kindergarten parents will contact their “home” school to “sign up” for this registration opportunity.
In the registration/screening sessions, parents or guardians will accompany the future kindergarten students to the registration/screening session held at individual schools. Parents or guardians should will bring necessary documentation and stay to fill out required registration paperwork for submission to secretarial staff.
Kindergarten teachers will collect student registrants to escort them to another quiet area in the school for screening. It is hoped that this process will give school system personnel a better idea of student abilities and skill sets before the beginning of next school year. Once screening is completed students will be brought back to parent/guardians and program session will end. By scheduling registration windows throughout the kindergarten registration sessions this process will be organized and beneficial to both our new registrant and the school system.
In addition to this registration/screening process, a scheduled evening kindergarten parent presentation will be held in March (dates to be announced by individual schools) at every elementary school in the district. The evening meeting will include a PowerPoint presentation on the kindergarten program, distribution of kindergarten brochures, suggested reading lists, the Fundations alphabet, as well as, the availability of faculty for question and answers.