Shelton parent: ‘Inordinate number’ of children are out sick at elementary school

A parent at Elizabeth Shelton School said Monday that a large number of children at the elementary school in Shelton now are out sick.

The parent said “an inordinate number” of youngsters have a stomach flu or “a stubborn and difficult strain of strep.”

Many students at the school are out on a daily basis “and the toll it is taking on the children, their siblings, and the parents that need to call out of work is unacceptable,” according to the parent.

The parent said school administrators won’t alter their approach to the problem, saying they will clean the school facility when necessary with "green friendly" cleaners, per a state mandate.

Due to the seriousness of the problem and the need to be pro-active, the parent recommended that other parents have “their children tested immediately if they have any symptoms or doubt.”

Child caught ‘super bug’

Another Elizabeth Shelton School parent is expressing frustration at how ill her child became after catching what she called a “super bug.”

This child required intense medical attention “because he became so violently ill from the stomach bug,” the parent said.

The parent said “apparently this issue has been going on for weeks and no one from the school informed me of the problem.”

Notes are only being sent home to inform parents on a selective basis based on classroom, according to this parent.