Shelton school bus collides with car; Minor injuries for some students

A Shelton school bus collided with a car on Tuesday morning on Shelton Avenue, at the edge of downtown.

The bus was heading to Shelton High School and was full with students after making its morning pick-ups.

The accident occurred as the bus was pulling onto Shelton Avenue from a side street, slightly north of the Plumb Memorial Library.

“A car and a bus collided, and the car got the worst of it,” said School Supt. Freeman Burr.

Some students received minor injuries. All of the students were taken to SHS on a separate bus for evaluation, and seven of the students later released to their parents for possible medical follow-up treatment.

"Some parents picked up students and sought additional/alternative medical attention," Burr said.

No injuries appeared serious

None of the injuries appeared serious, according to Burr. “They were all bumps, bruises and muscle aches, but no cuts, wounds, broken bones or other serious injuries,” Burr said.

After the accident, school district staff, school security personnel, SHS Headmaster Beth Smith and Shelton Police Department officers were at the scene on Shelton Avenue, according to Burr.

"An assessment was made at the scene and it was determined that no students needed immediate medical attention at that time," he said.

"While awaiting the replacement bus, all students had an ongoing opportunity to report any injuries or concerns that would require immediate medical attention to the numerous parties on the scene," Burr said.

Checked by school nurses

Once at Shelton High, the students were checked by school nurses. Other than the seven released to their parents, all other students reported to class.

"Prior to reporting to class or being dismissed, each student and a housemaster/headmaster spoke with the students’ parent or parents," Burr said..

"Students who went to class were instructed to report back to the nurse’s office if they become symptomatic," he said.

The city of Shelton owns the propane-powered school buses used by the school district. Drivers and routes are handled by Landmark Student Transportation, an outside company.