Shelton school meeting begins with moment of silence

Kristjan Ndoj
Kristjan Ndoj

The Shelton Board of Education (BOE) opened its Wednesday night meeting with a moment of silence in honor of Kristjan Ndoj, the high school sophomore who died last week from gunshot wounds.

“If we could take a moment of silence in remembrance of Shelton High School student Kristjan Ndoj,” BOE Chairman Mark Holden said at the start of the March 26 meeting.

The 40 or so people in the audience — a combination of educators, students and parents there for various reasons — then stood up and joined BOE members and top school administrators to solemnly reflect on the 15-year-old’s passing.

Staff provides comfort to students

Later in the meeting, Holden called Kristjan Ndoj’s death “a horrible tragedy” for his family and those who knew him — including Shelton High School (SHS) students, teachers and staff members.

Holden said SHS staff has handled the difficult situation appropriately, being there to comfort Kristjan Ndoj’s fellow students and putting together a Sunday evening memorial for the SHS community.

He said SHS staff also was at the Wednesday wake for the youngster, to offer condolences as well as to help support students trying to deal as best they could with the difficult situation.

Upset with rumors

When it came to some rumors on social media about what had happened to Ndoj, Holden said he found all the speculation troubling.

“The rumor mill in town was just horrible,” he said, adding this kind of behavior has no doubt made the situation even worse for the grieving family. He said it also caused school employees to have to take certain actions.

Found in driveway at night

Kristjan Ndoj had been found shot twice in a driveway on Agawam Trail, a road in the city’s Pine Rock neighborhood. The incident occurred on Saturday, March 15 at about 8:45 p.m.

Ndoj was rushed to Bridgeport Hospital, where he later died from his injuries on March 20. He had been shot in the head and leg.

He and a friend had written their bicycles to meet with friends at the Agawam Trail residence, police have said. The police are investigating the incident but no arrests have been made yet.