Shelton school system accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

The Shelton public school system has accepted an Ice Bucket Challenge from the Derby public schools, Shelton School Supt. Freeman Burr announced Wednesday.

Shelton school employees can volunteer to participate in the event on Friday afternoon at Shelton High School.

Burr will donate $250 to the cause, and is encouraging school staff members to consider donating $1 each and participating in the event.

The Ice Bucket Challenge raises money for ALS research and awareness through the nonprofit ALS Association.

Perhaps the best-known person to have the disease was baseball great Lou Gehrig, who died from the condition at age 37 in 1941.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, is a degenerative, motor neuron disease that is almost always fatal.

Burr noted that Gehrig was one of his childhood idols, and a book on the New York Yankee baseball player was the first biography he ever read, in the third grade.

Ice and cold water poured on the head

The Ice Bucket Challenge involves having a bucket of ice and cold water poured over a volunteer’s head. The event is often video-taped and posted on the Internet.

The charity activity has become quite popular in recent weeks, generating millions of dollars in donations for the ALS Association.

Burr will appear in video

Burr will be videotaping his Ice Bucket Challenge since he is scheduled to be out on Friday afternoon to celebrate his wedding anniversary.

He plans to make that video available in advance of the Shelton High event, where school employee volunteers will have ice water poured on their heads.

As is the tradition, Burr will issue an Ice Bucket Challenge to someone new in the video as well as detailing another challenge to the Derby school superintendent for the upcoming school year.

Shelton public school staff can bring a bucket, towel, change of clothes and $1 and go to Shelton High at 3 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 29. “We will supply the water and the ice,” Burr said in an email to staff.

The Shelton High School boys soccer team recently accepted the challenge.