Shelton seeks state funds for school security cameras

The Shelton Board of Education (BOE) plans to apply for a grant from the state’s school security program to upgrade the camera systems at the city’s five elementary schools.

School Supt. Freeman Burr said if secured, the grant likely would cover from 30% to 40% of the total cost. The city would be expected to pick up the rest of the cost.

The estimated total of $675,000 would include the cost of purchasing cameras and related equipment as well as installation and wiring.

Exterior and interior cameras

The money would be used to put in a web-based camera system for the exterior and interior of each school building, providing a 360-degree view around the outside of the structure.

The system could be monitored from multiple locations inside the school as well as police headquarters and the BOE central office.

Burr, speaking at the July 24 BOE meeting, said Shelton is not considered a priority or targeted district for this state grant program in the first round. However, based on conversations with state education officials,  the city school district still will apply for a grant in case the funds should be available.

Police have assisted in process

School officials are working with the Shelton Police Department and Emergency Management Department on the grant application.

Police officers recently helped complete security protocols at the elementary schools, as required for the grants.