Shelton students learn financial skills through JA program

Shelton Intermediate School (SIS) students learned about economics and business during the “JA in Two Days” initiative, held in collaboration with JA of Western Connecticut.

Forty local business professionals, parents and community representatives taught two Junior Achievement interactive programs to almost 900 students.

Seventh grade students participated in JA Economics for Success, which explores personal finance and students’ education and career options while demonstrating the economic benefits of staying in school.

Eighth grade students attended JA America Works, focusing on how business and entrepreneurship affected the economic development of the United States in the 1800s.

Bernadine Venditto, JA of Western Connecticut president, said research shows too many young people reach adulthood lacking the economic and financial skills needed to succeed.

Last year, 4,900 students in the greater Valley area participated in JA programs, and Venditto hopes to expand that number in the future.

Bob Ayer, SIS enrichment specialist, said JA programs have impact. “Junior Achievement has proven to be a successful extension of the classroom in providing our students valuable insight into the world of economics and business,” Ayer said.

Sponsors of “JA in Two Days” included the Valley United Way, a special needs grant award and the Pitney Bowes Foundation.