Shelton students on Lauralton Hall honor roll

Lauralton Hall second honor roll included Shelton students:

HIGH HONORS, grade 12, Marietta Khalil, Emma McCarty, Jessica McGorty and Emily Menendez; grade 11, Lianne Bisch, Sofia D’Amica, Amy Izzo and Lindsey Spitz; grade 10, Jeanne Ilano and Danielle Koterbay; grade 9: Gabriela Baghdady and Catherine Fortin.

HONORS, grade 12, Victoria Anthony, Kathleen Brennan, Megan Dobensky, Elizabeth Getts, Alexandra Gjoni, Taylor Matto, Audrey O’Donnell and Amber Sheffield; grade 11, Briana Marcinauskis and Christiana Ready; grade 10, Elizabeth Khalil and Claire Zielinski; grade 9, Ashley Halkowicz, Allison Haynes, Katherine Simonetti and Megan Wilcoxson.