Shelton students on honor roll at Lauralton

The Academy of Our Lady Mercy, Lauralton Hall announced its honor roll for the second quarter. The students from the Shelton receiving honors were:
High Honors: Lianne Bisch, Emily Discepola, Amy Izzo and Lindsey Spitz, grade 12; Elizabeth Khalil and Danielle Koterbay, grade 11; Gabriela Baghdady, Catherine Fortin, grade 10; Kaitlyn Khachadoorian, grade 9.
Honors: Sofia D’Amico, Briana Marcinauskis, Christiana Ready, grade 12; Catherine Dobensky, Jeanne Ilano, Claire Zielinski, gade 11; Ashley Halkowicz, Allison Haynes, Katherine Simonetti, Megan Wilcoxson, grade 10; Grace Jensen, Emma Larke, Maria Mione, grade 9.