State delays release of student test scores

Waiting to see the latest CAPT and Mastery test scores for the Shelton Public Schools?

Well, so are school administrators.

The state was expected to release the results July 8 but never did, later sending a letter informing local school districts the results would be delayed.

“We were not given any specific reason why they are not available,” School Supt. Freeman Burr told the Board of Education (BOE) on Wednesday night. He said there is “a lot of speculation” as to what could be behind the delay.

Burr said he was “disappointed” because the results are an important guide for principals, other administrators and BOE members when planning for the upcoming school year.

The state now hopes to get the results to local school districts by Aug. 15, according to Burr. “I am not pleased,” he said of the situation.

Impact on education retreat

BOE Chairman Mark Holden said the failure of the state to provide the test results means part of an upcoming work retreat for BOE members will be delayed.

Some of the work to be done on goals and objectives for the 2013-14 school year at the retreat is based on the test results, Holden said.

The Mastery test — also called the CMT for Connecticut Mastery Test — is given in grades three to eight. Students are tested for math, reading, writing and, in some grades, science.

The CAPT (Connecticut Academic Performance Test) is given to students in grade 10 and cover math, reading, writing and science.