Students awarded for success on test

Shelton High School honored 126 CAPT Scholars at a recent breakfast. These students achieved goal on the math, reading across the disciplines, writing across the disciplines and science sections of the Connecticut Academic Performance Test.

“Over the last few years less than 30% of sophomores tested in the state of Connecticut achieved certification in all four subject areas,” said Kathy Riddle, guidance curriculum leader. ‘We are very proud to be able to celebrate with you your success on the CAPT test as well as your continued commitment to high academic achievement here at Shelton High School.”

Dr. Beth Smith, headmaster, presented each student with a certificate from the Connecticut State Department of Education. Students who were recognized for meeting goal on the four CAPT subtests were: Izabela Abissi, Anna Alvarado, Jake Anderson, Samantha Bailey, Thomas Ball, Kyle Barber, Juan Carlos Barranco, Samantha Barschow, Nicole Beard, Victoria Begley, Kevin Block and Hudson Boles.

Also: Meghan Brennan, Cara Capoccitti, Erica Capristo, Alexander Carotenuto, Victoria Casinelli, Cassidy Chapman, Cody Cisero, Erika Conte, Liam Cummings, Nicholas DiCairano, Casey Douglas, Kyle Drost, Henry Feroce, Laura Ferris, Marlee Figueroa, Michaela Francino-Quinn, Bryce Gallagher, Kaitlyn Giangregorio, Sean Gracie, Natalie Gramesty, Jacob Grosso, Alexandria Gumbs, Emma Hanrahan, Kendall Hansen and Christopher Herlihy.

Also: Monica Holler, Marquet Humphrey, Catherine Hunter, John Hunter, Nicholas Ianni, Abigail Innamorato-Brannen, Julie Jarzynski, Luke Jenness, Jake Johnson, Ian Juncker, David Kaczynski, Richard Kaelin, Avery Kaklamanos, Thomas Kane, Megan Kelly, Caroline Klepacky, Joshua Kreitler, Ryan Laufer, Erminia Leite, Danielle Letendre, Chloe Lind, Peter Lombardi, Andrea Macaulay, Casey Maffucci, Rigel Mahommod, Meghan Marini, Cortney Maud, Madison McCurdy, Connor McGinnis, Joshua Milano, Patrick Murphy, Jose Nieves, Zachary Nunnink, Michael Ortoli, Keira Paget, Elida Paiz, Andrew Paniccia, Lenni Paolini, Christopher Patrick and Christopher Pawlowski

Also: Alexandra Peksa, Antonio Pereira, Sarah Pinelli, Michael Pingree, Catherine Pinheiro, Alexandra Pirhala, Alejandro Prieto, Thomas Ressler, Rachel Rivera, Carl Rizzo, Brittany Robinson, Emily Rogalin, Nikole Rudenko, Franki Russo, Rhianna Sabbagh, Allison Sanko, Kristian Schif, Joelle Schumacher, Carly Seamon, Scott Sheldon, Rachel Sickels, Melissa Simons, Gajaan Sittambalam, Robert Stanley, Matthew Stoll, Sarah Stuart, Neel Swamy, Emma Sweeney, Tyler Tallo, Jeremy Taramelli, Judith Taylor, Francesca Testani, Jason Thompson, Shannon Toole, Alexandru Tunaru, Maggie Turner, Logan Vanghele, Rima Viradia, Connor Wallon, Christopher Werner, Tara Werner, Jessica Wilm, Rebecca Wise, Meghan Witalis, Benjamin Yambao, Alice Yih, Wyatt Zahornasky and Rebecca Zalenski.

The event concluded with a raffle in which CAPT Scholars received gift certificates to local establishments or cash prizes from donations received from school clubs, staff members and parent organizations.